Bio-Mapping is a scientific scan in the Descendants Universe. Bio-Mapping is the process by which a Bio-Map is created.

Bio-Maps are complete three dimensional recording and diagnostics of a person. Their organs, body chemistry, and even their genome. The process is capable of detecting a descendant and detecting their abilities.

Project TomeEdit

The first people discovered to be using bio-mapping were Project Tome. Their purpose for the system has yet to be discovered. It is known that they used it in conjuction with trepanning, an invasive brain surgery prone to causing trauma.


For the issue where this is revealed see Descendants 17 - Freaque

ConquesTech stole the blueprints of the Bio-Map system from Wellness labs. ConquesTech put the system through two years of R&D, making the system completely safe and non-invasive for human trials.

They discovered that bio-mapping could detect psionic abilities, and the genes that cause them.

They also discovered that protomorphs retain their shapeshifting organs and developed a treatment to reactivate them, known as the Become More project.