Brother Wright
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias None
Abilities None
Affiliation Aces High
Project Tome (Ended)
Family Information
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 3 - Gather
Last Appearance Descendants 76 - Silicon Soul, Adamantine Will

Brother Wright is a villain in the Descendants Universe and recurring opponent of The Descendants (Team). He has worked for Vincent Liedecker, Project Tome and is currently running Aces High a team of his own.

First appearing in Gather, Wright worked for Vincent Liedecker, who asked him to discredit The Descendants, his plan backfired, instead giving the team excellent press. Wright then skipped Mayfield, leaving behind his assistant Rick Charlotte.

Next Wright allied himself with Project Tome, taksed with finding and recapturing Cynthia McAllister, Warrick Kaine, Juniper Taylor and Melissa Forrester. He sent Tome's Inugami after them and instigated the attack of The Redeemers.

After this he left Tome, devastating them by taking many of their scientists for his own and working for himself. He founded a team, Aces High with Shine.

He tested Liedeckers' response to an incursion with Eduardo Vorran only for Thunderhead to be beaten by a group of girls from Mayfield. Next he had auditions held for new members but, said auditions were crashed by The Descendants and The Whitecoat, netting him only two new members.

He purchase a robot to aid them in fighting. Next he sent the team to capture the Quintillion Information Services' Insight technology, but failed.

He sent the team to capture Adamantine only to again be foiled, having only the consolation that he could again take talented people from Tome.

Power and AbilitesEdit

Brother Wright has no special powers or abilities. He is a gifted manipulator and is very well connected to both wealthy sponsors and people he can use as resources.