Callie Kreiger
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Costumed Activities
Alias Vamanos
Abilities Super-Speed
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Professional Information
Profession Student
First Appearance Descendants 15 - Never Simple
Last Appearance Descendants 81 - Kin, Speed and Ducks

Callie Kreiger is a descendant who possesses super-speed. She first appeared as a friend of Lily Goldenmeyer, who she is still friends with.

Her first appearance as a prominent character was Descendants 36 - Let's Go where she misguidedly used her powers and knowledge of the criminal Abscondro to force him to act out a fanfic of hers.

Later Callie rounded up the Mayfield Irregulars to hold Inexorable in one place, allowing The Descendants to stop him. This act did mean that Callie's Prelate identity and her Civilian identity are public knowledge.

She was invited to be a part of The Descendants and was made a full member during Descendants 77 - Date Night when the rest of the descendants made the decision to trust her with their identities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Callie has superspeed. She has to have a running start to use her powers and has difficulty travelling with anyone other than herself.