From There To Here
Volume 1, Issue 1
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From There To Here is issue 0 in The Descendants (Main Series), and the first issue in Volume 1, Welcome to Freeland House.


Alexis Keyes, a psionic with the unique ability to control little particles that she calls black heat, has arrived at Freeland House after discovering that her employer and alma mater, the Psionic Training and Application Academy, had been kidnapping it's students and keeping them in stasis cells.

Prior to the beginning of the issue, Alexis sought help from her best friends Laurel Brant and Ian Smythe. They were attacked by an Academy Enforcer known as Prometheus, but managed to escape. Laurel and Alexis rescue four students: Warrick Kaine, Cynthia McAllister, Kareem Utt and Melissa Forrester, who had been Alexis' roommate in her first semester at the acadamy. Ian takes on Prometheus to buy the girls time, but is badly injured before Alexis can return to save him. Melissa uses her healing powers on him, and Laurel takes them all to Freeland House, an abandoned bed and breakfast owned by her father, as she believes it will be safe.

Kareem is telepathically awake and alive on the Astral Plain, but the time in stasis has left him unable to return to his body, despite being fully healed by Melissa.

Warrick and Cynthia (who prefers Cyn) are left together while the adults decide what to do. Warrick explains that he is a metal controller with metal sense, and uses his abilities to summon Isp and Osp. Cyn explains her shapeshifting abilities.

Melissa is horrified to realise that ten years have passed, and her rescuers are her not-quite-friends who are now adults. Kareem, sensing her dismay, asks what's wrong. Melissa explains how her power to make people happy, when uncontrolled, could be such a burden, and they bond over the downsides of their abilities.

Laurel begins organizing materials to make Freeland House a livable place again, and she, Warrick and Cyn go out for breakfast. Alexis considers talking to Melissa and explain what has happened but Kareem talks to her telepathically and convinces her to wait.