Descendants 13 - Another Kind of Homecoming
Volume 2, Issue 1
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Another Kind of Homecoming is issue 13 in The Descendants, and issue one in volume 2, Magic and Machines.


Alexis and Ian discuss their nerves over talking to the parents of the teens they rescued.

Laurel, meets with her father William, for the first time in eight months. He is at Freeland House, to see her and also as he has invited the parents of Warrick Kaine, Cynthia McAllister, Kareem Utt. Juniper Taylor and Melissa Forrester to Mayfield, Virginia to explain about The Academy's imprisoning their children in stasis cells.

Melissa's parents had already booked a holiday so declined. Juniper's parents could not be found and Cyn's accepted the offer to come but refused to meet with Cyn.

The Kaines have guessed the purpose of the trip, especially after Tammy saw Warrick on television weeks previously.

The Utt's notice that Laurel is hedging about introduce Kareem and she is forced to reveal that he is stuck in the Astral. They are sad that Kareem is unable to rejoin his physical body but glad that he is okay and they know what has happened to him. Laurel is overwhelmed and breaks down at their accepting nature.

Cyn, afraid that Warrick and Kareem will be leaving and she'll be left alone she leaves with a bag. Ariving at her destination she takes a suit, stolen from Ian from the bag.

The McAllisters discuss how they will get the most from the unlimited credit that William has given them for the weekend. They are interupted by Agent Richards of the Child Protective Services. Richards accuses Sean of neglect and he says that it doesn't count because his daughter was never a child,but a "freak". Sean shows ignorance of how descendants exist and the way albinism occurs, claiming that he had nothing to do with it. Robert reveals how they used static electricity to torment Cynthia after her psionic nature revealed itself. Richards chews them all out and asks Cheryl why she stays with him. Sean tries to punch Richards but Richards stops him and punches him in the gut.

Outside, Richards, transforms back into Cyn and she packs the suit again trying to resist crying, Laurel says she'd guessed what Cyn was planning, and comforts .

Warrick tells his family about his adventures, showing them newspaper clippings. He also tells them he'd like to stay in Freeland House until it is safer. He leaves with his family to spend the weekend with them, crossing Cyn as she returns home. She is upset thinking he is leaving but he tells her he'll be back on Monday.