Beyond Good and Medieval
Volume 3, Issue 3
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Beyond Good and Medieval is issue 27 in The Descendants, and the third issue volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer.


This issue occurs during some of the events of Descendants 25 - Summer Session. Ian, Cyn, Warrick and Juniper are headed out to Virginia Beach. The facility that the ROCIC raided the previous day was a Tome transfer facility, where Tome takes their kidnapped Descendants.

They arrive at the Duvall home where the wealthy family refuses to stop their outing because it is Joy Duvall's birthday and they are celebrating it. Also Glory Duvall (the eldest Duvall and the one in charge) refuses to listen to them. Glory refuses to believe that Tome will attempt to take Joy.

The Descendants agree to accompany Joy on the trip, with them splitting into two groups for travel, with them pretending to be cousins of the Duvall's. The trip is to a Ren Faire.

Avatar shakes the hand of Mike Samuels, a weapons master, puting him under his command for the next three hours. He tells White Shadow he's planning for any mishaps. Impact, and Dervish are also at the Ren Faire, separate and let them know that Joy has arrived.

Charity reveals that apart from a set of twins all the Duvall girls are half-sisters.

White Shadow grabs Joy and becomes invisible, but Joy uses her teeth to bite him, distracting him and bringing him back into view. When Cyn attacks him she gets kicked by Impact. Zero tells he to leave Joy alone.

Avatar activates the men he had touched, forcing them to surround Joy and her family. Facsimile grabs Joy and flies up after she learns the men are innocent people being controlled. Dervish flies into her, trying for Joy. Alloy arrives, dearmoring the controlled knights. Chaos also knocks Dervish to the ground.

White Shadow has grabbed Joy while they fought the others. Alloy launches himself with Isp and Osp's help at the stealthed Tome transport he senses. He finds White Shadow and tells him it's over with White Shadow calling it off, telling Avatar to give it him and throws Alloy and Joy from the transport.

Glory rings and tells her father about Tome's attempt to kidnap Joy.