Little Girl Lost
Volume 3, Issue 5
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Little Girl Lost is issue 29 of The Descendants, and the fifth issue of volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer


Laurel and Alexis make their presentation to Vincent Liedecker about a school for descendants. He accepts and puts Alexis in charge of hiring teaching staff.

The Descendants are called in to help look for a missing girl, Rose Abernathy. While she is on Tome's watch list, she has a history of running away and it looks like she ran away this time too. They're called in to Sedona, and prelates from Phoenix: Majestrix and Zero Point have also volunteered to help.

Majestrix and Zero Point believe that Tome might've been responsible for the disappearance of their daughter, Willow Chamberlain as well.

They group have split portions of the area up and Darkness finds Rose who screams, panicked for her to run.

A strange scorpion like creature appears and while Darkness and Majestrix kills many of them they disintegrate into a green fog which reforms into a larger creature, this time immune to bullets. Chaos and Zero Point continue to fight the creatures, but struggle to kill them as they get increasingly larger.

Codex tells them the creatures are under a Faerie punishment and that they would have remained small forever in Faerie because they can only become the large form after being killed, which is almost impossible to do in Faerie.

Majestrix destroys the scorpions and Chaos and Zero Point slowly shrink them back into smaller sizes with Facsimile and Alloy, sealing them into spent casings.

Darkness and Rose, going by Arkose talk and Darkness attempts to comfort her, she reveals her fears and why becoming a protomorph has left her so upset.

Darkness asks the Abernathy's to enroll Rose in their new school, Liedecker Institute, with Chaos offering the promise that they will have continually access to Rose.

Lidecker speaks with Vorpal, about the school. She asks Liedecker to convince Alexis and Laurel to invite Annette St. John to the Institute, in exchange for her working in the school itself.

Simon Talbot discover Rose's disappearance and rescue, frustrated that someone in Tome was leaking secrets. But he has been informed by Brandy Dillinger and Randy Powell that the Enhanced Agent Program is ready.