Descendants 2 - The Kin
Volume 1, Issue 3
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The Kin is issue 2 in The Descendants (Main Series), and the third issue in volume 1, Welcome to Freeland House. It is the first appearance of The Kin.


The Kin, occurrs concurrently with parts of Descendants 1 - Life Savers, Inc, but in Florida.

Following a lead of Laurel's Alexis and Ian go to Quinn Bluffs to investigate an Academy facility.

Rain, Noah and Kevin Quaid discuss their situation and agree they have to leave Quinn Bluffs before enforcers arrive.

Ian and Alexis reminisce on their drive.

Gina Sheldon and Josiah Colt academy enforcers discuss their task, Gina miserable over the two months of rain announces her intent to strangle Rain.

Tillie Reynolds returns to her friends announcing her discovery of a portable generator at the Center. The others agree to get and then leave town.

As Ian and Alexis arrive, Gina's theta wave scanner detects them. She follows them to the center where the young psionics are already trying to free the portable generator.

Ian and Alexis examine the Stasis Cells discovering that there were five people and that their cells are numbered beginning with C38 and not A14 as on the cells of the teens they rescued.

Noah detects their emotional signature and the kids mistake them for Enforcers only to be interrupted by Gina and Josiah, the real Enforcers. After a fight the Enforcers are knocked out. Alexis invites the children to come back to Freeland House but they decline. They take Laurel's contact information and agree to call if they need money or somewhere to stay.