It Came From a Warped Star
Volume 3, Issue 7
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It Came From a Warped Star is issue 31 in The Descendants, and the seventh issue in volume 3 A Bright, Bright Summer.


This issue continues directly on from the events of Descendants 30 - Strange Times At Dayspring College.

Alloy, Zero, Ephemeral and Occult continue fighting the dust bunnies strengthened by the prescense of The Book of Passions. Three of the four have been crossed over into the Astral Plane but the fourth fights Alloy knocking him unconscious.

Tink gets out of her lecture early, due to the power outage caused by the fighting, she sees the fight and hides to get out of the way. Seeing Alloy knocked out she sneaks a peek at his face and discovers his identity. Ephemeral senses her shock and takes the memory from her and makes her sleep, believing that this is not the way Tink should find out, even if she should discover the truth.

The final "dust bunny" is ordered by an odd stranger to get rid of Ephemeral when he fails to control it. The manifestations were sent by someone. The last one throws Ephemeral through the Astral Gate, and the Astral burns, as it had when it destroyed the other dust bunnies.

Alloy tries to take Tammy back to the car but, she's gotten a phone call. She tells him to take it, she saw what happened too. It's Kareem on the line, not manifesting the Astral, he just woke up in his body.

Occult  tells the others to go home, the only way to find the person who attacked them is with a Divining Pedulum and they can't make or use one. Alloy takes Tink home.

Augustus Roe is at home, Warpstar used The Book of Passions to cast a spell and take them there. Warpstar influences him into agreeing to use the book and become a spellcaster.

Juniper and Cyn race home to Kareem and Juniper stitches him up.

Warpstar tells Augustus about his powers and then copies the essence of Augustus that the Book of Passions wants, and knocks him out stealing the book. On the way back from dropping off Tink, Alloy comes across the commotion. He calls Occult who says that she's figured it out from The Book of Reason.

Occult teleports them to Warpstar and they fight, Warpstar copying Alloy and Facsimile's powers. They strip Augustus' essence from Warpstar and the Book of Passions punishes him for tricking it, teleporting him to the Antarctic.