Volume 3, Issue 8
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Descendants 31 - It Came From a Warped Star
Descendants Special 3 - A Brilliant Twilight

Ahead/Behind is issue 32 in The Descendants, and the eighth issue in volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer.


This issue takes place before and during Descendants 30 - Strange Times At Dayspring College and Descendants 31 - It Came From a Warped Star.

Ian and Alexis visit Donaldsonville to invite another student to join Liedecker Institute and Ian organises a visit to Alexis' family in Baton Rouge. Over dinner they reveal that they know about Alexis' extracurricular activities.

Laurel takes Melissa to visit her family in California, where they now live. She meets her younger brother Tim and decides to fight to protect them from now on.

Project Tome discover a small Dragon. Ronald Powell tells Simon Talbot that it is a juvenile female, despite already being larger than a T-Rex. Talbot orders them to work on it, naming the project Cadmus.