Back to School
Volume 3, Issue 11
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Back to School is issue 34 in The Descendants and the eleventh issue in volume 3,  A Bright, Bright Summer.


The teenage descendants go back to school. Lily Goldenmeyer has replaced her beloved car only to be infuriated by Tink showing up in her new flyer.

Chaos takes his first solo patrol and arrests a man using a technical setup that emulates Alloy's powers to wreak havoc. The man refuses to admit he didn't build it and that makes Chaos think that there's someone pulling the strings.

Chaos gets a call from Darkness which makes him chase after the cop car with the evidence. He runs into two new people one of whom ices him inside a cocoon. He uses a Chaos Nova to escape it. Chaos takes out the two, with help from the police and discovers that the gear is made by Rick Guadalupe of Rick's Outfitters.

He heads into Rick's Outfitters with the cops and discovers that Rick was unaware of his neighbor's plans with his gear, he asked them to test it out. Rick surrenders into police custody.

His lawyer thinks that he will serve out his sentence in Solomon Psychiatric Center.