Let's Go
Volume 3, Issue 13
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Let's Go is issue 36 in The Descendants and the thirteenth issue in volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer


Laurel Brant asks the Freeland House residents who is available to go on patrol with her, Cyn, Melissa and Kareem agree to go. She mentions that a notorious thief, Abscondro has hit the town and that he's announced Mayfield to be his new home. The Mayfield Police Department has asked them to keep an eye out.

That night, Abscondro, uses his psionic ability to phase through the first measure of the DeSars Jewelers. He is interupted by a girl dressing in red and yellow with Vamanos across the chest. Vamanos reveals she tracked his pattern to guess where he wouls be. She tells him that she thinks he is after a challenge, but he isn't and she tells him she hit the silent alarm, trying to help him.

Facsimile and Alloy almost catch Abscondro as he escapes but Vamanos uses her super speed and takes him away from them. Facsimile recognises her and tells Codex that she thinks Vamanos is Callie Kreiger.

Vamanos has taken Abscondro to her room and tells him that she thinks that he will be interested in the Westinghall Building, specifically the Bahia Emerald on the third floor's museum.

Codex and Ephemeral talk to Callie's mother and get confirmation that Callie uses Vamanos as a pseudonym. Isp and Osp hack into Callie's computer and discover her obsession with Abscondro including several fanfictions she wrote where he robbed the Westinghall Building.

Abscondro convinces Vamanos to go through with the robbery when she has second thoughts about harming guards or police. She hides the guards away, not wanting to rush them and risk hurting them. When they reach the room, The Descendants have already arrived. Abscondro tells her to attack them and when they capture her, he leaves with the emerald.

Callie reveals that she hasn't told anyone about her powers because she was afraid that they would shun her. The day she figured it out her mother went to one of Revered Stiles's meetings. Codex advises her to make friends that will accept her.

Abscondro examines the stolen diamond to discover it is a replica. He is approached by Avatar who offers him information if he helps them.