Of a Feather
Volume 4, Issue 1
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Of a Feather is issue 37 in The Descendants, and the first issue in Volume 4, Confluence.


Warrick and Christina Carlyle go to ConquesTech to visit Elizabeth von Stoker, Warrick is concerned that her only visitor will be her brother.

A group of protomorphs, The Outliers have stolen a van and are headed to ConquesTech in order to break out Freaque.

Zero and Facsimile are on patrol when they notice The Outliers speeding and driving out of control and follow from the air, Facsimile carrying Zero.

Warrick and Tink meet and talk with Liz, but their visit is cut short by the Outliers attacking the building, all of them are evacuated. Liz is taken to a panic room, but Warrick and Tink are separated by a door, with Tink and ConquesTech staff on the correct side. Warrick sends her ahead, she tells him to ask the Descendants for help.

Facsimile and Zero fight Kali and Geiger, while Kronos also goes ahead taking an unconscious, Liz from the security staff. Alloy intervenes, but too late, Liz wakes up and the stress causes her transformation into Freaque, and she is angry at both Alloy and Kronos.

Freaque attacks Kronos, and Anura, Kali and Geiger leave the fight with Facsimile to help Kronos. As Christina returns, Freaque turns her attention to her, out of anger that she got what Liz had wanted. Alloy has Kronos throw him at Freaque and he stops her in time for Geiger to use his power to hurt Freaque and give Liz control again.

The Outliers admit they were wrong in thinking that Freaque was held against her, and Lester Mendel tells the arriving police it was only a training exercise, allowing The Outliners to go.

Brother Wright watches footage on a plane and he and Shine suspect that Thunderhead may be playing them.