Descendants 3 - Gather
Volume 1, Issue 3
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Gather is issue 3 in The Descendants (Main Series), and the fourth issue in volume 1, Welcome to Freeland House.


Melissa muses on her life, feeling depressed because she is in the wrong time. Cyn pushes her to get out of the house, suggesting she go to Gather, an event held by Brother Wright at the ConquesTech Convention Center Annex. Melissa agrees and Cyn and Warrick go to a Darkcore concert.

Rick Charlotte and Brother Wright have a conversation organising for a theft on the ConquesTech secure secure vault for Lady Nightshade so Mayfield Security Systems will lose their contract. To curry favor with Vincent Liedecker he arranges to have the Los Lobos de la Noche gang attack to make the prelates look bad, Lady Nightshade's theft a bigger story and give Mary Northbrooke an exclusive and get her a full-time columnist job with the Scribe.

Melissa is at the Gather and after a conversation with Brother Wright she contemplates telling him about her powers but decides against it for his safety and retreats to the bathroom. She feels guilty over threatening her, Cyn, Warrick and Brother's life by almost revealing her secret. This means when Los Lobos attack she is out of the action. Melissa is able to call Cyn who is alarmed by the sound of shooting. Cyn and Warrick transform into their prelate identities and head over to the Convention Center.

They make short work of the Los Lobos, their leader Jacob "Jay" Willis refuses to go to jail and takes Brother hostage. Alloy trips him but fails to capitalise and Jay attempts to shoot Brother only to stop, going slack with euphoria. Alloy and Facsimile leave, Melissa sighs with relief that she has helped and asks Mary what she is doing. She's writing notes for her intended article on the events she predicts her story will make the Scribe's front page.

When Melissa gets home Cyn scares her by shifting to Alexis and mocks her over a fictional curfew. Melissa reveals she knows that Warrick is Alloy and Cyn must be Facsimile. Cyn thanks Melissa for elevating Willis' mood and saving Brother Wright.

Brother leaves Mayfield before the newspaper can be delivered to avoid Liedecker's wrath but he leaves Rick Charlotte behind. Charlotte agrees to work for Liefield and turn over Brother's contacts. Lady Nightshade is furious at not getting the front page.