Volume 4, Issue 5
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Interfacers is issue 40 in The Descendants, and the fifth issue in Volume 4, Confluence. It is the first issue in the War Machines arc.


James Staffhammer of the Gainer Syndicate attempts to buy some of Liedecker's Magitech weapons off Harlan Tibbedo, only to be interuppted by the Interfacers who steal the weapons.

Juniper and Warrick are running lines for Henry V at the Dungeon when she gets an email. She tells Warrick they have to leave, and the two leave Tink. On a date with Desiree, Kareem answers Warrick's call and agrees to meet the others.

Dale McClelland, Cathy Stein and Trey Phan discuss the weapons they stole earlier and, Dale demands that Phan work out how to integrate them into their systems.

Alloy, Zero, Chaos and Facsimile meet Clara Getchall, a former Interfacer on the Madsten-Temo building where she works now. She tells them that Dale has brought some of the Interfacers back together, and that some of the things Cathy mentioned before she disappeared were troubling.

Liedecker hears from Rick Charlotte that the Interfacers who took his weapons mentioned his name, so he calls in Remington Haut.

Juniper muses on the culture that the Interfacers belong to and decides to search for abandoned warehouses that they might be hiding in. Dale is annoyed by the black box science nature of the equipment stolen from Liedecker, while Trey has no such problems.

Liedecker sends Vorpal to get Clara. She grabs her in her home and talks to her. Liedecker calls Belle Cummings in the Solomon Psychiatric Center, he uses Vorpal having Clara to threaten her into setting up a meeting with the Interfacers.

Juniper sends Clara an email saying that they have found her friends. Vorpal reads it too.