Descendants 4 - Juniper
Volume 1, Issue 5
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Juniper is issue 4 of The Descendants (Main Series), and issue five of volume 1, Welcome to Freeland House. It is the first appearance of Juniper Taylor.


Academy personnel are tracking down a psionic who was released from a stasis cell after a crash during transport. Before they are able to tranquilize her Alexis Keyes and Ian Smythe interupt and take out the men.

The girl runs from academy men and when they get close she asks what they have done to her. They say they don't care and she says that her cell said 'Bio-mapping complete', they try to convince her to come quietly but she drops the temperature.

The girl causes it to start snowing, the men shoot tranquilizers anyway but they are stopped mid-air and sink to the ground. Alexis and Ian have succeeded in taking out the other men. They invite Juniper to come back to Freeland House.

When Juniper arrives she recognises Warrick from a class they shared at the academy. Melissa and Cyn introduce themselves. Kareem does as well using a television that Laurel has made although it is still audio-only. Juniper and Laurel talk, Laurel revealing she is in contact with The Kin and sends them money occasionally.

The teens go into Mayfield and decide to go to the craft fair at Westmoreland Hotel. They split up, Warrick looking at the blacksmith exhibit. Cyn overhears Lady Nightshade and Cinder planning a robbery. Cinder will cause chaos while Nightshade will steal The Portrait of Morganna le Fay. Cyn rushes after them as Facsimile trying to stop them only to realise she never saw their faces.

Cinder attacks the crowd using pyrokinetic abilities and Warrick armors up asuming his Alloy identity. Alloy summons copper from the wiring and forms a shield to protect himself from Cinder's fire.

Melissa and Juniper are stuck as the crowd panics and Melissa tells Juniper that Warrick and Cyn are prelates and that they need to find them to let them know what is happening. They split up and Juniper spies a ceramic mask giving her an idea.

Alloy struggles against Cinder, his copper shield is unhelpful and conducting the heat. Facsimile, using flame resistant scales flies up to attack him from another angle. As Alloy hold the shield he forces his will into the metal and transforms it into a pinkish metal. Cinder is evenly matched against Alloy and Facsimile only to be surprised by a newcomer who goes by Zero, Zero chills the room reducing the available fuel. Cinder attempts to blast her but Alloy blocks it with his shield. Facsimile blasts him with a fire-extinguisher and then knocks him out with the cylinder.

Lady Nightshade's theft is successful and she gets the front page of the Scribe.

Back at Freeland House, the teens use the pool and Laurel tells Alexis that she thinks her power use is a great model.