Elizabeth von Stoker
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Costumed Activities
Alias Freaque
Abilities A Protomorphism that gives her wings, and boned spikes from her joints and wrists.
Family Information
Sibling(s) Rich von Stoker
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 7 - Legacy of One
Last Appearance Descendants 37 – Of a Feather

Elizabeth von Stoker was a protomorph, bullied by Lily Goldenmeyer. After Warrick Kaine defended her in Legacy of One she asked him to the Ladies of Armageddon concert. When he disappeared after Maven attacked she became angry with him.

Despite mental health issues, Elizabeth was accepted into the Become More program at ConquesTech after her parents bribed the psychiatrist. Finishing her metamorphism only aggravated her underlying problems and in her metamorph form she scared some of her class-mates before attacking Lily Goldenmeyer calling herself "Freaque". Due to the similar appear of her metamorph form she was initially suspected of being the Mauler.

In Descendants 37 - Of a Feather, now aware of her problem she is undergoing treatment at ConquesTech to control her transformations, however "Freaque" has developed an alternate consciousness and resists being imprisoned.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elizabeth's protomorphism only gave her bone spurs at her joints. After the Become More treatment she gained access to her full metamorph form.

Elizabeth's metamoroh form has red skin and discolored yellow spikes poking out from her joints and in a double row behind her wrists. Her face has exposed bone plates along her forehead, cheeks and a bone crown. She has black hair like leather and a pair of draconic wings. Her ankles are arched and she walks pigeon-toed. She is very strong and aggressive. As of "Of a Feather" her "Freaque" form has dissociated its identity from Elizabeth, it is aggressive, strong and violent.