Ian Smythe
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 21, 2049
Costumed Activities
Alias Chaos
Abilities Density Control
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Fiance Alexis Keyes
Parents Maxwell Smythe
Krista Smythe (deceased)
Sibling(s) Isaac Smythe (Brother)
Professional Information
Profession Unemployed
First Appearance Descendants 0 - From There To Here
Last Appearance Descendants 79 - Tome of Secrets

Ian Smythe is a former engineer and descendant. He went to school at the Academy where he met Alexis Keyes, Melissa Forrester and Laurel Brant.

He moved to the west coast and worked as an engineer until Alexis came to his house with her story of kids being kidnapped by the Academy. Alexis was tracked to his house by the pyrokinetic Academy Enforcer Prometheus, who burnt down Ian's home in his attempt to apprehend Alexis.

After the trio raided and saved four teens from an Academy faciity, Ian was seriously injured by Prometheus and Alexis and Laurel took him to Freeland House. He helped Alexis to track down Juniper Taylor and the children known as The Kin, keeping them from Academy Enforcers.

Ian was approving of the prelate activities of Warrick, Cyn and Juniper and is dedicated to his career as "Chaos", and patrols during the day while the other team members are busy with other tasks.

Ian began dating his long-time crush Alexis and later became engaged to her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ian has the power to change the density of fluid matter, he is able to use this to create powerful air currents that are capable of striking down enemies or supporting his weight while he is wearing a special wind catching cape. He can also use his power to manipulate other fluids, such as water, compacting them to the point of solidity or pressurization (even in situations normally not possible), or thinning them out to the point that they don’t provide buoyancy. He has also recently been taught by Isaac how to use his power to create a fuel air bomb (which the brothers call a 'Chaos Nova').