Isp and Osp
Biographical Information
Costumed Activities
Alias Isp and Osp
Affiliation The Descendants (Team)
Family Information
Parents Warrick Kaine
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 0 - From There To Here
Last Appearance Descendants 79 - Tome of Secrets

Isp and Osp are the names for Warrick Kaine's possibly sentient metal tentacles. It is revealed in Legacy of One that they are named for characters from Sluggy Freelance (a webcomic that also exists n the real world). Osp is usually on Warrick's left and Isp usually on his right.

Both in-universe characters and the narration often refer to them as 'the twins'.


Isp and Osp are indestructible, being able to be summoned into any metal and unsummoned. They also have complete control of their metal bodies, able to shape them into various tooks such as grappling hooks, blades and even swim fins.

The twins also posess some degree of super-strength. It has been stated that they can lift a truck, but it is unknown whether that is invidiually or together. They have been shown to be able to lift and throw a fully-armored Warrick several city blocks and catch him softly enough that he isn't injured.

They are excellent with computers, though shown to have childish personalities, often playing or watching TV when bored.

The bond between them and Warrick is strong, leading them to be incredibly protective of him. They are able to communicate in a way with Warrick and 'show' him things. While Warrick doesn't consciously control them if he 'asks' them to do something they usually do/


Isp and Osp were initially theorised to be controlled by Warrick's subconscious, but this was thrown into doubt when it became clear that they had developed skills Warrick does not have.

They have also been shown to countermand his requests on occasion and come up with ideas using informaiton he doens't have.

The relationship between Isp, Osp and Warrick is something the three describe as being brothers, but given their childishness and the fact that they originated from Warrick, it is more akin to parent and children.