Jonathan Jones
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Age (Last Appearance) 30
Residence Unknown
Costumed Activities
Alias Manriki
Abilities Telekinesis, affecting objects touching his body.
Affiliation The Redeemers, Enforcer Corps
Family Information
Professional Information
Profession Unknown
Workplace Unknown
First Appearance Descendants 11 - We Will Be Villains
Last Appearance Descendants 76 - Silicon Soul, Adamantine Will

Jonathan Jones is a descendant and former Enforcer.

He barely made cadet in the Enforcers as his ability seemed very weak. When he discovered his ability worked with chain, he also showcased a sadistic and brutal side, often strangling targets and occasionally even beating them to death.

As a part of Brother Wright's Operation: Redeemer, Jones was promoted to class 1 Enforcer, and send undercover as a villain. Along with his other team members, he was defeated by The Descendants and taken in by the ROCIC.

When Bradock Island was breached by Project Tome he accepted the offer to join them.

He was a member of Aces High during their attempt to steal Adamantine in Descendants 76, holding the Atherton's hostage to draw off Infinity. He did this in exchange for a new identity and plastic surgery.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jonathan Jones has a mild strength telekinetic ability. He must maintain contact to affect the items he moves. This works very well with lengths of rope and/or chain.