JC Slate
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Residence Dayspring College Dorm
Family Information
Girlfriend Lisa Ortega
Professional Information
Profession College Student
Workplace Dayspring College
First Appearance Descendants 3 - Gather
Last Appearance Descendants 69 - Crashers

Jonathan "JC" Slate is a college student at Dayspring College. A long time friend of Warrick's they share a dorm room. His girlfriend is Lisa Ortega, intially they were on again/off again but after Myths and Heroes Lisa got a better hold on her temper and they have been steady ever since.

In The House on Dawson Bay, his Lisa tells him she is Occult and that Warrick is Alloy. JC is crushed that Warrick didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth and it takes him days and a heart to heart talk to get over it.

In Waylaid, he helps to rescue his friends using his illegal fireworks. In Emet JC fed Warrick the information he needed to be able to defeat WarpStar's Golem army.