Laurel Brant
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Residence Freeland House, Mayfield, Virginia
Costumed Activities
Alias Codex
Abilities Hypercognition, Magic
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Parents William Brant
Other(s) Cynthia McAllister (Adopted Daughter)
Professional Information
Profession Headmistress, Teacher
Workplace Liedecker Institute
First Appearance Descendants 0 - From There To Here
Last Appearance Descendants 81 - Kin, Speed and Ducks

Laurel Brant is the daughter of multi-billionaire William Brant. Laurel is African American. A hypercognitive descendant, she attended the Academy where she met Alexis Keyes and Ian Smythe. She later roomed with Alexis and briefly dated Ian during college.

When Alexis discovered the Academy had imprisoned students in stasis cells including Melissa Forrester a former classmate of theirs, Laurel offered up her help and her father's resources, taking them to Freeland House a disused Bed & Breakfast.

Laurel is the adopted mother of Cynthia McAllister and she aids the teens from Freeland House with many of their emotional needs, being a very caring person.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a 'hypercog', Laurel posesses and eidetic memory and enhanced ability to process information and patterns, making her able to learn and retain information and skills extremely quickly. She is very adept with technology and uses it to aid her collecting information as well as combating her enemies with weapons of her own design.

In combat, her primary weapon is a collapsible bo-staff that can break apart into a pair of tonfa. Additionally, she carries 'screamer' grenades and a grappling hook.

Laurel also possesses the Book of Reason and the Book of Passions and while not a natural magic user she is capable of doing spells with enough preparation.