Lisa Ortega
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Costumed Activities
Alias Occult
Abilities Natural Magic Aptitude and Training
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Boyfriend JC Slate
Parents Antonia Ortega (Mother)
Sibling(s) Zachary Ortega (Twin Brother)
Other(s) Tatiana Farnsworth (Aunt)
Professional Information
Profession Student
Workplace Dayspring
First Appearance Descendants 3 - Gather
Last Appearance Descendants 79 - Tome of Secrets

Lisa Ortega is a hispanic Magi. Lisa was first introduced in Descendants 3 - Gather as one of Warrick and Cyn's friends at the Darkcore concert. In Descendants 5 - Legends of Chaos and Darkness, when her aunt Tatiana Farnsworth, also the thief Lady Nightshade was influenced by Morganna le Fay and gave her Portrait of Morganna le Fay, a mystical painting she was possesed by Morganna.

Her aunt sacrificed her own body to free Lisa. Lisa pretended to have forgotten the incident but her natural magic potential had been awoken and she remembers all the magic Morganna used while in her body.

Lisa took on the persona of Occult, taking only Kay Graycloud into her confidence. She wears a glamour making her appear to be a mid-twenties blonde woman. She revealed her identity to the remaining Descendants who didn't know already in Descendants Annual 4.

In Descendants 59 - Return of the Magi, she was able to rescue her aunt from Morganna.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lisa is a magi, using her magical powers and the Book of Reason to corral magical problems. Along with Laurel Brant she is the expert on magic and the magical realm of the team.