For the series about the teams exploits see Magi Club 5 (Series)
Magi Club 5
Active In Fredericksburg, Virginia
Active From 2075 - In Universe Present
Leader Jennifer Tsai
Headquarters No Official Headquarters
Allied People Occult
Allied Teams/Organizations The Descendants
Current Roster: Jennifer Tsai
Elle Bainbridge
Jeremy Silvers
First Appearance Descendants 58 - Alert UMW: Mages
Last Appearance Magi Club 5 8 - She-Wolf

The Magi Club 5 is a group of five college students at the University of Mary Washington. All of the Magi Club downloaded The Book of Passion after it was digitized and began learning from it. They split up their magical disciplines, with the intent to share their knowledge at a future time.

They were discovered by Morganna and Occult and helped to defeat Morganna. They are now involved in their own ongoing mini-series.