Nikolia Petrov
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Residence Unknown
Costumed Activities
Alias Maven
Abilities Technological Genius
Family Information
Significant Other Madrigal Madigan
Professional Information
Profession Sound Technician
Workplace Unemployed
First Appearance Descendants 9 - Ladies of Ragnarok
Last Appearance Descendants 43 - Love You Madly

Nikolia Petrov aka "Maven" was a sound technician for Ladies of Armageddon but left for a design job. She designed the sound booth at Capashen Arena.

In Descendants 9 - Ladies of Ragnarok, she used robots she had built herself to rob a bank and other stores. She named herself Maven and rejected a job offer from Vincent Liedecker.

During the Ladies of Armageddon concert in Mayfield that night she attacked wanting revenge on the band for "abandoning" her. She was stopped by the prelate team known as Life Savers, Inc. She pled insanity at trial at was sent to Solomon Psychiatric Center where she agreed to work for Liedecker in exchange for an earlier release and a lab set up the way she asked.

While inside Solomon, Maven synthesised an approximation of Orihalcite and struck up a relationship with Madrigal Madigan. When Madigan escapes Solomon in Descendants 43 - Love You Madly he takes her with him. Maven assists him and he takes them both away before The Descendants can capture them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nikolia has no descendant or magi abilities but displays an aptitude for technological science that is brilliant.