Project Tome
Goal To capture and duplicate the abilities of useful descendants
Leader (Last Known) Simon Talbot
Headquarters (Last Known)
Controls Psionic Training and Application Academy (defunct)
First Appearance Descendants #0 - From There To Here Last Appearance Unknown

Project Tome is the name of an organization that serves as one of the primary antagonists to The Descendants. It is responsible for the Psionic Training and Application Academy as well as a number of corrupt businesses and projects, both legal and illegal.


Project Tome started as a DARPA initiative in the 2000's, tasked with cataloguing and testing the purported 'supersoldier' experiments on animal subjects. When the initial results (the Inugami) proved that some of the experiments could yield super powers after several generations, the project heads went rogue in order to conduct human experiments and hunt down the descendants of the test subjects.