Sneak Thief
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Sneak Thief
Abilities None, relies on home made gadgets.
Affiliation Unknown
Family Information
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 43 - Love You Madly
Last Appearance Descendants 43 - Love You Madly

The Sneak Thief is a gadgeteer thief and nemesis of Facsimile.

The Sneak Thief first appeared in Descendants #43, where he escaped after stealing an unknown item from a building. He left the building via a glide-suit and was spotted by Facsimile. He evaded capture using a pepper laced net. He later appeared and helped her fight Maven's X-91's because of the hostage situation.

Several weeks later, in Descendants #45, he is described as having hit another building.

Yellow World Edit

The Sneak Thief's Yellow World analogue is a Robin Hood type figure, stealing only from the wealthy and corrupt to provide for the poor.

The Yellow World analogue is also in a not so secret relationship with the Yellow World's Cynthia McAllister analogue.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Sneak Thief has no powers or abilities, but uses many gadgets to steal unknown items from wealthy business people in Mayfield. He appears to prepare his gadgets for the confrontation, including new and different methods to evade Facsimile.