Tatiana Farnsworth
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Family Information
Other(s) Lisa Ortega (Niece)

Zachary Ortega (Nephew)

Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 4 - Juniper
Last Appearance Descendants 73 - Give Thanks

Tatiana Farnsworth was a hispanic descendant. She spent many years as a world-class thief, going by the name Lady Nightshade. In Descendants #4 she stole the painting Portrait of Morganna Le Fay and was influenced to give it to her niece Lisa causing her to be possessed by Morganna Le Fay

At the end of Descendants #6, she convinced Morganna to possess her instead of Lisa. While possessed by Morganna she was unable to do much to fight back except to cloud Morganna's mind and make her thoughts harder to catch.

In Descendants #59, she sacrificed herself to stop Morganna getting a newly created version of her body. This left Morganna in permanent possession of her body and Tatiana permanently inside a replica of Morganna's body.

Lisa is now the only family member who knows she is still alive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tatiana was a highly honed athlete as a part of her career as Lady Nightshade. Her ability allowed her to cut things in half.

In Morganna's body Tatianna has natural magical aptitude and the highly trained mind of Morganna. She is no longer a descendant.