The Kin
Goal Evade Project Tome recapture
Leader (Last Known) Tillie Reynolds
Headquarters (Last Known) Transient
Allied With The Descendants
First Appearance Descendants 2 - The Kin Last Appearance Descendants 81 - Kin, Speed and Ducks

The Kin are a group of descendant children. After a power failure at the Center of Psionic Study the kin were released from their stasis cells.

The Kin hid out from Academy Enforcers for close to three months before Alexis Keyes and Ian Smythe arrived. Not trusting Alexis or Ian they struck out on their own.

In Descendants #66, they were offered work and placements in Mayfield so Rain and Kevin could go to the Liedecker Institute. It appeared they were planning on accepting once the Governer Campaign ended.


  • Rain, a descendant with the ability to create and dispel rain. The stasis damaged her memory and she only has her codename to go by.
  • Noah AKA Incubus, a protomorph with the uncontrolled ability to transform into a demonic form.
  • Kevin Quaid AKA Blank, a descendant with the telepathic ability to erase 11 seconds of a persons memory.
  • Tillie Reynolds, AKA Tesser, a descendant with super speed.