Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born November 1, 2057
Residence Dayspring College Dorm
Costumed Activities
Alias Alloy, Damascus
Abilities Control of Metal, Summoning Isp and Osp
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Girlfriend Christina "Tink" Carlyle
Parents Thomas Kaine, Sandra Kaine
Sibling(s) Talia "Tammy" Kaine (Sister)
Other(s) Zoe McNamara (Cousin)
Professional Information
Profession College Student/Blacksmith
Workplace Dayspring College
First Appearance Descendants 0 - From There To Here
Last Appearance Descendants 80 - Bitter Work

Warrick Kaine is one of the four teenagers rescued from The Academy and Tome by Alexis Keyes, Ian Smythe and Laurel Brant prior to issue #0. His hero identity is the prelate Alloy, a founding member of the Descendants and both versions of Life Savers, Inc.

Warrick is openly a comic book geek and he has been a prelate comic fan for many years. He is best friends with both JC Slate and Cyn.

He and Cyn were the first to take on prelate activities and names in Descendants #1 - Life Savers, Inc.

He has been dating Christina "Tink" Carlyle since issue #15, and revealed his prelate identity to her during issue #42.

He uses his powers to make money by creating custom suits of armor from scrap metal. He is a student at Dayspring College, where he shares a room with JC.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Warrick has the ability to control metal and reshape it. He also has the ability to transmogrify metals from one element to another.

He is also able to summon two sentient creatures known as Isp and Osp, named both in and out of universe for Sluggy Freelance characters. Isp and Osp are anomalies scientifically, as they shouldn't be sentient, but under Warrick's subconscious control they exhibit knowledge and skills that even Warrick doesn't have.