Zoe McNamara
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Costumed Activities
Alias Vorpal
Abilities Metal Sense, Metallic ability
Affiliation Vincent Liedecker, Stephan Arceneaux
Family Information
Other(s) Tommy Kaine (Uncle)
Sandra Kaine (Aunt)
Warrick Kaine (Cousin)
Talia Kaine (Cousin)
Professional Information
Profession Student Counsellor
Workplace Liedecker Institute
First Appearance Descendants 16 - Psalm of a Soul
Last Appearance Descendants 80 - Bitter Work
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This article contains plot details about very recent issues of The Descendants and should be avoided by those not up to date. Date of Issue: July 2012

Zoe McNamara, or Vorpal, is one of two assassins hired by Liedecker in Issue #16. She contrasts the brutal Samael by her self-set rules on acceptable targets (she will notably not harm children). She also has a strong loyalty towards "her kind", the descendants community.

Her costume mostly resembles stereotypical, all-covering ninja clothes, but with several differences: it includes an armored corset and shoulder pads, the seams are made of very fine chainmail, and the boots are bucket tops.

Liedecker outfits her with an improved costume after hiring her, including orihalcon chainmail, armor made of ceramic and carbon nanotube fibers, and magitech goggles that can see through solid matter. The goggles also protect her from bright flashes. The new costume is dark green, almost black, with the orihalcon chainmail being its usual golden color.

Her backstory as Vorpal is explored in Vorpal: Gyre and Gimble.

Liedecker originally decides to hire Vorpal and Samael so as to have powerful fighters at his disposal should he find himself in a pitched battle against the Descendants or some outside enemy. This ends up being very useful during the events of A Magitech Crisis. While she confirms in Summer Session that Liedecker made use of her skills as an assassin, she must not have been indispensable, as he eventually decides to station her as a guardian for the Liedecker Institute, where she works as "Director of Student Life" under the pseudonym Stephanie Carroll.

After the events of Descendants #62, when a mutual cousin kidnapped both her and Warrick Kaine, the later while he was in his prelate identity, Warrick is aware of both of her identities, and has made overtures in an attempt to reconcile with her.

Zoe, in another disguise, this time as a college friend of Warrick's, joined him and Kura Akagi's trip to the Black Oak Juvenile Reform Camp in Montana in Descendants #80.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has metal manipulation powers that allow her to create extremely sharp blades capable of slicing through walls or decapitating someone with minimal effort. She doesn't appear to have any problem using her power on orihalcon.